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MHL filter

Moldow's MHL filter is a modular designed filter system designed for continuous operation, large air volumes and heavy dust loads from e.g. production in the woodworking, paper and cardboard industries.

The filter is available for both positive and negative pressure systems and has automatic and continuous cleaning of the filter bags, which ensures high reliability and long service life.

The high dust load capacity makes the filter competitive

Moldow’s “high load” filters can be handle air volumes from 20,000 to 260,000 m3/h (12,000 to 150,000 CFM), depending on the material and loading, and a differential pressure up to 5,000 Pa (20 inWG).

Thanks to the specially designed conically shaped filter bags that reduces the air velocity, the air volumes and dust loads can be increased considerably in comparison with other filter systems.

Animation of an MHL filter system

Efficient and energy-saving

The filter bags are cleaned continuously during operation by use of a regeneration carriage with a high-pressure fan that injects air from the clean-air chamber back through the filter bags using nozzle pipes. This is a very efficient way of cleaning the bags, and therefore, a load up to 180 m³ air/m² filter area/hour (ACR 11:1) can be reached, depending on the system and dust loading.

Considerable energy savings are reached when combined with Moldow industrial fans with an efficiency of 85%.


Woodworking filter MHL can be constructed with either chain or screw conveyor or simply just rotary valve(s).

Paper/cardboard filter MHL can be constructed with either chain, jet or screw conveyor.

MHL positive pressure
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MHL negative pressure


If you have any questions regarding filter systems, please contact:

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