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Moldow Energy Manager

Energy optimised production equipment

Modern demands for energy conservation and efficiency have produced a clear-cut demand for energy optimised production equipment, and have generally brought focus to a company's total energy consumption.

Extraction systems are recognized as large energy consumers, and therefore Moldow has developed a control and monitoring system that controls the air flow ensuring correct extraction at all times using minimum power. It ensures large energy savings and minimal strain on the filter.


  • Mayor energy savings
  • Adjustment of the airflow
  • Increase of the capacity of the filter system
  • Can be installed into existing filter systems

The Moldow Energy Manager is manufactured both as a stand-alone unit and as an integrated control system for the complete filter system, both positive and negative pressure systems. The Moldow Energy Manager is manufactured in a modular construction which makes it adaptable to customer requirements.

Up to 60 % energy savings

The Moldow Energy Manager in combination with our exhaust equipment and installation concepts can bring energy savings of up to 60 % in comparison with conventional systems.



If you have any questions regarding filter systems, please contact:

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