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Transflow System

Moldow Transflow System provides trouble free extraction of very large quantities of dust and chips with unlimited volumes of extracted air.

The Transflow System was developed to increase flexibility of operation on heavily loaded extraction systems.

Benefits of the Transflow System:

  • Large energy savings
  • Increase of the service life of the filter systems

The system operates as a collecting duct with the waste material partially separated from the air stream, the heavy particles falling to the base of the Transflow where a mechanical drag-link conveyor passes it to a rotary valve situated at the end of the unit. After passing through the rotary valve, the material is transported in a high-speed pneumatic conveying system of small dimension to the filter unit, while the light air-borne dust which is retained in the main airstream flow passes to the filter.

The heavy waste can alternatively be led pressureless through the rotary valve to a chain conveyor system and further to a waste silo.

Transflow Waste Handling System
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