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Moldow Rotary Valves

Moldow supplies two kinds of rotary valves: RS-EXL without control unit, and RS-EXH with control unit for increased safety in case of explosion. 

ATEX approved

The rotary valves are type approved for dust explosion class ST 1 in accordance with EN15089.   


Moldow's rotary valves are designed to be used as safety components for isolation of explosions in filter systems. They are universally suitable for continuous pressureless and non-compressed discharge of material from filters, cyclones, silos or conveyors.


The rotary valves are manufactured from steel plates treated with corrosion resistant paint.

The steel rotor is equipped with 8 hard wearing rubber lamellas to ensure good separation of the inlet and outlet of the rotary valve.

The inlet and outlet are fitted with flange connection.

The connection between the rotor and the electric motor is established by coupling and gear.

Both types of rotary valves are manufatured in three different lengths.

Rotary valve with control unit

Contrary to the RS-EXL valves, the RS-EXH valves are designed with a control unit ensuring that the rotary valve automatically stops in case of explosion, thereby preventing flames and sparks from passing through the rotary valve.

How does it work?

A pressure transmitter located on the side of the filter registers the pressure inside the filter. If a significant increase is detected, the control unit automatically shuts down the rotary valve. At the same time, a signal is released that can stop the whole system if connected to the system’s emergency stop device.



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