Moldow filter systems for the Metal industry - Moldow

Metal industry

Moldow offers a filter system especially for the metal industry.

For a filter to operate optimally, it is important that it has been adapted to the specific situation. The metal industry requires a filter system in continuous operation designed for filtration of fine dust.

Moldow’s filter systems have low operating costs due to their low energy consumption, high efficiency, and flexible process control.

For use throughout the metal indstry, we offer the following filter system:

FT filter

  • 5,000 - 24,000 m3/h
  • Cartridge filter


If you have any questions regarding filter systems, please contact:

Elena Brasen, Export Sales Manager
 +45 29 31 01 66
Johannes Ipsen, Product Manager
 +45 75 39 26 44
Anne Waldhausen, Sales Engineer
 +45 75 39 26 44
Søren H. Pedersen, Project Manager
 +45 75 39 26 44