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22.12.2016 11:53

Season's Greetings

We want to thank you for a good cooperation in 2016, and we look forward to a succesful 2017.

Christmas and the Holidays are approaching fast, and with this letter we would like to send you our best wishes and shortly touch upon what has happened in our Company in the past year.   

Moldow's Fan Department  
The year 2016 will no doubt be remembered as the year that we chose to create one large fan company by merging Moldow’s fan department with our sister company BarkerBille. This happened on October 1st and means that all industrial fans to OEM-customers are now sold by BarkerBille and not Moldow anymore. If you have not seen our video explaining all of this yet, please find it here.

In practice, this really does not affect you as a customer buying filter systems or painting plants. The fans used for our filter systems and painting lines are still a part of your Moldow order, still manufactured by us, and the employees dimensioning the fans are the same. The main change is that Moldow will not be marketing fans anymore, as they are now sold by BarkerBille.   

Painting Lines
In 2016 we have truly benefitted from the past years’ continuous development and optimization of our painting lines.

We have experienced an increase in the number of incoming orders, and the order book for next year is huge.

Through 2016, several painting lines have been installed all over the world, e.g. in Turkey, Poland and Denmark for coating of both metal, wood and plastic items, and we look forward to seeing even more Moldow painting systems in operation in 2017.

Filter Systems
In 2016 we have installed a large number of filter systems all over the world, e.g. in Denmark, USA, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia, and we already have a number of projects for the coming year.

At Moldow we are continuously developing our filters to make sure that they live up to current standards and customer expectations. This year much attention was devoted to our MHL filter where we, among other things, designed new explosion panel outlets so they exhaust upwards, and redesigned the unit for a higher Pmax which was confirmed during explosion tests carried out earlier this year.

Did you see our animation of an energy efficient MHL filter system?

A few new people have joined our filter department in 2016, among others our new Filter Export Manager, Elena Brasen, in December and US Sales Manager, Andy Andersen, in July.

In 2017 we look forward to welcoming you at:

  • Scandinavian Coating in Copenhagen on March 15-16
  • LIGNA in Hannover on May 22-26
  • AWFS in Las Vegas on July 19-22
  • WOODEX in Moscow on November 14-17


We want to thank you for a good cooperation in 2016, and we look forward to a succesful 2017.
Everybody at Moldow wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year or Happy Holidays.

Please note that our office will be close from December 23 to January 1. In case of emergency, please call +45 75 39 26 44.