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    Plastic industry

    - Large components


    - Horisontal transport

    Metal industry

    - Powder coating


Painting plants

Costumised and reliable coating lines for wet, powder and UV painting

Moldow has, as one of few suppliers on the international market, the necessary know-how to design and manufacture turnkey coating plants for painting of metal, plastic and wood components.

Moldow's many years of experience, our qualified engineering staff, and our thoroughly tested project management make sure the customer gets the right solution the first time.

We supply both wet paint and powder coating plants.


To ensure quality and reliable information and guidance, our experienced engineers and technicians follow the project from the first idea to the final hand-over of the painting plant.

Turnkey painting plants

It is very important for us to make it as easy for you as possible. When you choose Moldow as your business partner, we take care of everything for you, so that you get a turnkey plant delivered.

Given that a turnkey painting plant includes equipment outside our range of products, we have cooperation agreements with the best suppliers of e.g. robots, spraying equipment, and combustion plants to ensure high quality of the whole painting process and the result.

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