Painting plants for wet paint coating - Moldow

    Automatic process

    - manual painting

    Automatic plant

    - Power and free conveyor

    Manual painting plant

    - Manual transport

    Automatic plant


    Automatic plant

    - Robot

Wet paint

When it comes to wet paint, the right pre-treatment is the foundation for a good final result. Whether it is sand or grit blasting to ensure good adherence and durability, or CO2 or plasma treatment Moldow has the right solution. 

We have much experience in handling the processes with wet paint and ensure correct discharge of solvent-based paint. Moldow’s painting plants always comply with environmental requirements and provide safety for the operators.

  • Manual painting plants
  • The transport is carried out manually
  • Automatic painting plants
  • The transport is automated
  • The components are transported on conveyor systems


If you have any questions regarding painting plants, please contact:

Kim Fabrin, Sales Manager
 +45 75 39 26 44