Pre-treatment painting plants for a good result - Moldow


The pre-treatment is the foundation to achieve a good final result when applying both wet paint and powder coating. Moldow manufactures and supplies turnkey pre-treatment plants, whether it is a complex 8-step pre-treatment process, a correctly ventilated area for manual degreasing with a cloth, sand or grit blast­ing, CO2 or plasma treatment, etc. to ensure good adherence and durability.

Moldow’s pre-treatment plants are designed and manufactured according to the actual needs and facilities based on e.g. type of component and complexity as well as size, optimal process, etc.

The pre-treatment plants are built in strong standard sections that are designed and insulated according to need so that steam and heat are not emitted to the room.

Moldow’s pre-treatment plants are characterised by:

  • Reliable in aggressive environments
  • Optimal degreasing and phosphate coating
  • Stainless, adjustable nozzles
  • No steam or heat
  • Water-saving counter current principle
  • Low noise level


If you have any questions regarding painting plants, please contact:

Kim Fabrin, Sales Manager
 +45 75 39 26 44