Ventilation - Moldow


Moldow manufactures and supplies complete ventilation solutions for many types of industries. In our solutions not only reliability and energy optimisation have been taken into consideration but also securement of the working environment.

Every Moldow ventilation solution is built in modules of thoroughly tested components and flexible design that provide easy access for maintenance and service.

Moldow ventilation solutions include a large range of products:

  • Moldow heat exchanger units that reuse the extracted hot air and thereby reduces the operating costs.
  • Moldow fresh air units for efficient heating of the replacement air that the premises are supplied with in connection with ventilation and extraction.
  • Moldow fans – the most efficient fans on the market with the lowest operating costs.
  • Ductwork built in flexible and easy-to-mount modules that have been adjusted to the actual conditions
  • Complete control systems with a user-friendly control panel and possibility to supervise the operation.